Update: 3/31/07

Hello Friends!

Wow! Talk about off to a fast start! I arrived in Kisumu last Saturday to stay in a home my friend Steve had rented for a couple of guys, and had offered it to me if I wanted it. One of the guys that I had put into another home had been chased off (he wasn‚t totally innocent) and was staying in the house, so I arrived with one guy. Couple of days later, I heard that Sammy had run away from the home. We went out looking for him that evening until it got dark but didn‚t find him. It was a pretty sad feeling. I can only imagine what the Father feels as His children run away from Him.

During outreaches on my last trip, I had spent a lot of time praying for the boys on the street. I would ask them in Swahili if I could pray for them, and then just pray in English. As we were looking for Sammy, one of the boys named Dowdi who was always high on glue every time I saw him, recognized me and with a big smile and came over and wanted me to pray for him. A couple of others that we came across that evening requested the same.

The next morning, after praying for success in finding Sammy, we went out again to search for him. What a great feeling it was to find him! He had done some glue, which was distressing since he had been sober for several months. We invited him to come and be part of Family of Hope, which is the name of the ministry. He is very thankful to be with us and said, „I never thought I‚d live with people like this again.‰

I‚m so thankful to have Isaiah, who was my translator on my last trip working with me. It‚s already a bit overwhelming, as things are happening so quickly. I can‚t imagine what it would be like without him.

A third guy came in the following day, and we‚ve got another coming in this evening. All of these guys were at the other ministry. I was hoping to get them with some good sobriety going, but 3 out of 4 have used some form of substance since being out of the other home. The pull of their addictions is so strong, especially if they have to sleep on the street.

I ran into one of the street leaders downtown and will talk with him about coming in sometime next week. Anybody want to come and help?J

I don‚t know exactly how much it‚s going to take, but I‚m guessing about a hundred dollars a month to support each of these young men. The other ministry was trying on $70 a month, but they seemed to always be lacking. Mark, Sammy, Steve, and Charles are the current four. Simon will most probably be in next week with others following. I was hoping to get a dozen guys in, but we may only do eight to ten to start with. If anyone would like to sponsor, or partially sponsor one of the guys, we would be so grateful!
Thanks so much for all your prayers! I‚m sure going to need them!
In Christ,




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