Update: 4/16/07

Hello Friends!

Simon stole my laptop! He broke into my room in broad daylight while I was
out doing some errands last Wednesday afternoon. Isaiah and the rest of the
guys were outside working on a chicken hut and didn‚t see or hear a thing! I
came home and noticed some things that looked a little strange and then
noticed my computer bag was gone. What a sick feeling. It was the first
laptop I‚ve ever owned and was a gift from a generous friend. I had copied
some great worship music on to it, and downloaded a program to learn the
Swahili language. Just a couple of nights earlier, I had shown the guys the
"Jesus" film on the computer which they all enjoyed and felt impacted by
(including Simon).

I have been talking a lot about forgiveness with the guys and our need to
deal with the bitterness in our hearts quickly. I have told them how
resentment is an invitation back to our addictions. Now it was my turn to
practice what I had been teaching. I knew there was a risk involved and had
given the computer back to God after I had received it, but I really would
have rather had my mountain bike stolen than the laptop.
We all prayed for Simon and I forgave him in prayer before the guys.
Privately, I asked God to give me a love for Simon that would be greater
than my love for the laptop.

Thursday was Isaiah's day off but he wanted to go look for Simon instead of
take his day off. He asked two of the guys to join him, and a third insisted
that he must go as well. They searched all over town, visiting some of the
key street bases, even traveling out of town to Simon‚s home place with no

Meanwhile, back at the home, someone said Simon was back. You can't imagine
the feeling inside when I walked into the living room to see Simon! With
tears in his eyes, he looked down at the computer bag on the 'oor, and
said, „forgive me.‰ I put my arms around him and broke his neck (just
kidding). I held him and we both wept. I couldn‚t believe it. For a guy off
the street to return something he‚s stolen is pretty much unheard of. The
power of prayer is really incredible!

The next day, we visited the street bases where they had looked for him the
day before and Simon asked the guys there to forgive him. He started by
asking, "How many of you think me a fool to return what I had stolen?"
Please pray for Simon. He‚s decided to give his life to Jesus and follow him
but he‚s got a lot of anger inside. He‚s been reading the Bible on his own
the last couple of days which has been neat to see.

Sammy has been by a few times. He‚s been high on glue and alcohol but hasn‚t
wanted to return. It‚s so hard to know what‚s going on in his head. He‚s got
years of pain locked up inside, I'm sure. Thank you for your continued
prayers for him. I simply ca't do this without all your prayers and
support. Thank you so very much!
In Christ,




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