Update: 5/02/07

Dear Friends,
I could hardly believe what I was witnessing! Sammy came by last week
and I invited him to sit down and look at a couple of pictures. I have two
pictures of Sammy and myself together. The first, was taken when Sammy was
still living on the street. The second, was after he had been living in a
Christian rehab home for six months. I've had quite a few people say that he
doesn't even look like the same person in the two photos because there is
such a pronounced difference. I showed Sammy the first picture and started
to tell him a story how this young man lived on the street for many years.
He could not walk straight and had been sniffing glue for a long time. I
told him how some people prayed, read scriptures, and worshipped over him
one night and then got him into a Christian rehab program. What I couldn't
believe is that Sammy did not know who the young man in the first photo was!
He did not recognize himself! I showed him the second picture and he
recognized himself and smiled. I explained to him that glue would take him
back to where he was in the first photo.

A few days later, Isaiah saw him on the street and Sammy told him how
he hadn't recognized himself. Sammy told Isaiah, "something just told me to
leave" {referring to our home}. He has been staying with his mother, and
spending the days on the street. I met his mom a few weeks ago. I thought
she was his sister. According to her I.D. card, she was nine years old when
Sammy was born. Please continue to pray for Sammy that he will be able to
see his need, humble himself, and seek help.

Barak has shown up two times at the gate wanting to get into the home.
He's been drunk both times, and in tears seeking help. I've hated to turn
him away, but we don't have room. We've got 7 guys now, with 5 that have
told me they want to come in. I was going to rent a house a block away, to
have some private space for myself and create more room for more guys, but
the landlord decided to up the rent after quoting an initial price, so I'm
still looking.

Mark, Steve, Simon, Samson, Charles, Allan, and Musa, are the guys we
now have. I've contacted 6 of the 8 leaders I promised I was coming back
for. One has been given an opportunity to go to school, and the other is in
jail. Four of the eight, are currently with us. Please pray for these guys.
They can be doing great one minute, and terrible the next.
Last Friday, Samson got angry at Charles right before they were going
to pray together. He stormed out and came back later that night after we
were all in bed. He was drunk and was being a pain at the gate. He came back
the next morning and seems to be getting back on track. It doesn't take much
to set them off.

We practice the spiritual discipline of contemplative prayer three
times a day. We're starting small, with just 5-10 minutes each time. Allan
was sharing this morning that for him to be sitting here in peace, was
really something, because the devil had driven him so much of his life.
I've hired a young man named Timothy to help out part time. I'm a
pretty young 53 year old, but 80-90 hours a week with these guys has been
wearing me out! We're hoping he'll help lighten the load a bit for us. He's
been working with some of the guys on the street already. They seem to like
him, so hopefully it'll be a good fit for him, and us.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support! May God bless you
In Christ,




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